Horse and Pony Breeds in Pony Books:

Aksai Horse
Chinghiz Aitmatov - The Cranes Fly Early

Lynn Hall - The Something Special Horse
Coleen Hubbard - The Flying Angels

Gillian Baxter - Bobby and Shelta series
Sheila Chapman - A Pony and his Partner
Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Noel and Henry series (Truant & Tranquil are Anglo Arabs)
Mallory Stevens - My Favourite Colt/The Christmas Colt

Judith Berrisford - Pippa's Mystery Horse
Krista Michelle Breen - Dakotaroo series
Marylois Dunn - The Absolutely Perfect Horse
Bruce Grant - Leopard Horse Canyon
Berta Hader - Little Appaloosa
Henry V. Larom - Ride Like an Indian
Dorothy Lyons - Bright Wampum
Jahnna N. Malcolm - Spirit of the West
James Robert Richard - The Appaloosa Curse
Glen Rounds - Hunted Horses, Stolen Pony
William Sanderson - Horses are for Warriors, Nez Perce Buffalo Horse,
Les Savage - Phantom Stallion
Nancy Scharmach - White Thunder
Elizabeth Van Steenwyk - Ride to Win
Jerry West - The Happy Hollisters at Pony Hill Farm

Judith M Berrisford - Sue's Circus Horse, Ponies all Summer, Sue's TV Pony
Robert Sydney Bowen - Canyon Fury
Hobart Donovan - Desert Stallion
Jean Slaughter Doty - The Monday Horses
Wendy Douthwaite - Polly series
Ella Thorp Ellis - Roam the Wild Country
Walter Farley - The Horse That Swam Away, The Black Stallion series
George Cory Franklin - Pioneer Horse
Kelman Frost - Stallion of the Desert
Patsey Gray - Norah's Ark
Marguerite Henry - King of the Wind
Eleanor Hoffman - White Mare of the Black Tents aka Son of the Black Tents
Dorothy Johnston - Pounding Hooves
Alice Geer Kelsey - I Give You My Colt
Patrick Lawson - Star Crossed Stallion, Star Crossed Stallion's Big Chance
Patricia Leitch - Jinny series
Dorothy Lyons - Silver Birch
Dandi Daley Mackall - Winnie the Horse Gentler seires
Alida Malkus - Sidi Boy of the Desert
Elizabeth Meigs - Silver Quest
Joann Penney - Melka series
Barbara Garland Polikoff - Riding the Wind
Lynn Renau - Freebee
Carmel Rowley - Tails Carried High, Voices in the Wind, Danika & Yatimah
Henrietta Siksek - The Gallant Five
Jo Sykes - Saddle a Thunderbolt
Nancy Springer - Not on a White Horse
Judith Tarr - A Wind in Cairo
Sanford Tousey - White Prince the Arabian Horse
Carol Vaughan - The Dancing Horse
Janet Whyte - Rescue Rider
Annie Wedekind - Samirah's Ride (Breyer Horse Collection)
John Richard Young - Raffy series (Arabian Cow Horse, etc)

Australian Brumby:
Alison Lester - Snow Pony
Elyne Mitchell - Brumby and Silver Brumby books
Leonie Norrington - The Last Muster
Reginald Ottley - Black Sorrow, Brumbie Dust
Mary Patchett - The Brumby series
Joan Phipson - Good Luck to the Rider
Stella Sammon - Call Him Muddy

Banker Pony:
Roth and Latrobe Carroll - Tough Enough's Pony, Tough Enough and Sassy, Tough Enough's Indian's, Runaway Pony Runaway Dog
Stephen Meader - Wild Pony Island
Sanford Tousey - Chinky the Banker Pony

Belgian Draught:
Jeanne Hovde - A Horse Called Cinnamon
Margaret L. Posten - Maggie and Friend

Marlena Frick - The Homecoming
Rene Guillot - The Wild White Stallion
Alan Charles Jenkins - White Horses and Black Bulls

Chincoteague Pony
Marguerite Henry - Misty series
Lois Szymanski - Sea Feather, Patches, A Pony Promise

Deb Felder - Christmas in Silver Lake

Conestoga Horse:
Deborah Kent - On the Edge of Revolution

C. W. Anderson - The Blind Connemara
Ann Nolan Clark - Hoof print on the Wind
Anne Henning - The Connemara trilogy
Esme Hamilton - Speedy
Arthur Waterhouse - Dark Champion

Allen Chaffee - Wandy the Wild Pony/Wandy Wins!
Jenny Dale - Willow the Wild Pony
Lilias Edwards - The Dancing Pony
G. D. Griffiths - Silver Blue
Margery M. Oliver - Land of Ponies
David Rook - The White Colt
Allen Seaby - Dinah the Dartmoor
Vian Smith - Martin Rides the Moor

Nan Hayden Agle - Kish's Colt
Gillian Baxter - Special Delivery, Sweet Rock
Bianca Bradbury - Happy Acres
Mary Calhoun - Old Man Whickott's Donkey
Pamela Cockerill - Donkey Rescue
Helen Creswell - Little Grey Donkey, Donkey Days
Maureen Daly - The Small War of Sergeant Donkey
Heinrich Maria Denneborg - Grisella the Donkey
Berlie Doherty - Coconut Comes to School
Gerald Durrell - The Donkey Smugglers
Sylvia Green - A Christmas Wish
Berta & Elmer Hader - Midget and Bridget
Michael Hardcastle - Double Holiday
Florence Hayes - The Burro Tamer
Wilma Pitchford Hays - The Burro That Ran Away
Marguerite Henry - Brighty of the Grand Canyon
Isabelle Holland - The Easter Donkey
Helen Kay - A Name for Little No-Name
Pamela Kaye - The Donkey Strike, Donkey Christmas
Dick King-Smith - Sophie series, The Toby Man aka The Robber Boy, Horse Pie
Tessa Krailing - Donkey Rescue
Kathleen Mackenzie - Pony and Trap
Decie Merwin - Dulcie and her Donkey
Michael Morpurgo - Jo-Jo the Melon Donkey
Linda Newbery - Star's Turn
Ethel Nokes - That Ass Neddy
Jenny Oldfield - Home Farm Twins: Stevie the Rebel, Animal Alert: Skin and Bone
Margaret Palmer - Honeypot and Buzz
C Pullein-Thompson - Bandits in the Hills
D Pullein-Thompson - The Donkey Race
Janet Randall - Burro Canyon
Pamela Rogers - Dan and his Donkey
Helga Sandburg - Jo and the Old Donkey
Margaret Cabell Self - Shaggy Little Burro of San Miguel
Jill Stevens - Jane's Lonely Donkey
Joyce Towers - The Seaside Donkey, The Winter Donkey, The Flower Garden Donkeys, The Holiday Camp Donkeys
Jean Ure - Daffy Down Donkey
Judy Waite - A Prince Among Donkeys

Dülmen Pony:
Heinrich Maria Denneborg - The Only Horse for Jan

Garland Bullivant - Little Lass
Ruth Clarke - Bonny the Pony
Victoria Eveleigh - Katy's Exmoor trilogy
Golden Gorse - Moorland Mousie & Older Mousie, Janet and Felicity: The Young Horsebreakers
Eleanor Helme - Shank's Pony, Suitable Owners, White Winter, Jerry, the story of an Exmoor
Joyce Mary Lennon - Misty the Grey Pony
Pamela Macgregor-Morris - Exmoor Ben
Mary de la Mahotiere - Round Up on Exmoor
Allean Seaby - Exmoor Lass
Eunice Young Smith - Shoon Wild Pony of the Moors
May Wynne - The Story of Heather, Heather the Second

Sue Bentley - Magic Ponies: Pony Camp
Judith Berrisford - Jackie and the Phantom Ponies
Sue Garnett - The Ponies of Swallowdale Farm
Patricia Leitch  - Afraid to Ride
Susan Millard - One Fell Swoop (cartoons)
K. M. Peyton - Stealaway
Fiona Satow - My Friend Krow
Margery Sharp - Second Best Pony

Primrose Cumming - Foal of the Fjords
Laura Hesse - Two Independents

Sue Bentley - Magic Ponies: Winter Wonderland
Patricia Leitch - Jinny series
Patricial Leitch - Highland Pony Trek, A Pony of Our Own
Joanna Cannan - I Wrote A Pony Book, We Met Our Cousins

Eli B. Toresen - Echo From the Past
R. E. Toresen - Lost in the Wilderness

Icelandic Pony:
Lonzo Anderson - Ponies of Mykillengi
Ursula Bruns - The Snow Ponies
Svend Fleuron - The Wild Horses of Iceland
Esme Hamilton - Starlight
Catherine Hapska - Horse Diaries 1: Elska
Jill Pinkwater - Cloud Horse
Krista Ruepp - Winter Pony, Runaway Pony
Sharon Siamon - Gallop for Gold

Irish Hunter:
Selma Hudnut - A Horse Of Her Own, Irish Hurdles

Vernon Bowen - The Emperor's White Horses
Anne Colver - Pluto Brave Lippizaner Stallion
Page Cooper - Amigo. Circus Horse
Jessie Haas - Working Trot
Marguerite Henry - White Stallion of Lipizza
Jane Kendall - Horse Dairies 4: Maestoso Petra
Arhtur-Heinz Lehmann - Noble Stallion
Mary Patchett - Stranger in the Herd
James Robert Richard - Snow King the Lippizan Horse
Felix Salten - Florian
Susan Saunders - Riding School Rivals
Mary Stewart - Airs Above the Ground
Mary Treadgold - The Heron Ride (references to only)
Annie Wedekind - Mercury's Flight (Breyer Horse Collection)
Lee Wyndham - Suzie and the Ballet Horse

Lundy Pony:
Victoria Eveleigh - Midnight on Lundy

Estelle Barnes Clapp - Laurie
Ellen Feld - Blackjack: Dreaming of a Morgan Horse
Doris Gates - A Morgan for Melinda/A Horse for Melinda
Alison Hart - Horse Diaries 2: Bell's Star
Marguerite Henry - Justin Morgan had a Horse
Deborah Kent - Chance of a Lifetime
Eugenia Miller - Rocking Hill Road
K. M. Peyton - Stealaway
James Robert Richard - Double M for Morgans
Sharon Wagner - Gypsy series

Hetty Burlingame Beatty - Droopy
Patricia Beatty - Eight Mules to Monterey
Clyde Bulla - Three Dollar Mule
George Agnew Chamberlain - Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!
Fairfax Downey - Army Mule
Bruce Grant - Cyclone
Marguerite Henry - Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley
Elisabeth Hubbard Lansing - Shoot for a Mule
Dick King-Smith - Triffic (partly)
Patricia Miles Martin - Kickapoo
Miriam E. Mason - Happy Jack the Mule
Eugenia Miller - Rocking Hill Road
Virigina Ormsby - The Right Handed Horse

Judy Andrekson - J. B. Andrew: Mustang Magic
Wesley Dennis - Tumble: the Story of a Mustang
Angela Dorsey - Rattlesnake Rock, Whinnies on the Wind series
Terri Farley - Phantom Stallion series, Wild Horse Island series
Marguerite Henry - Mustang Wild Spirit of the West
Laura Hesse - One Frosty Christmas
Thomas C. Hinkle - most of his books
Harlan Thompson - Spook the Mustang
Stephen Holt - most of his books
Janna N. Malcolm - The Stallion of Box Canyon
Albert G. Miller - Fury books
Rutherford G. Montgomery - Golden Stallion series
Pam Muņoz Ryan - Paint the Wind
Annie Wedekind - Wild Blue (Breyer Horse Collection)

New Forest:
Joan Begbie - Freelance the Pony
Sue Bentley - Magic Ponies: A New Friend
Judith Berrisford - Pony Forest Adventure, Jackie series - Patch is a New Forest pony, also some of the books in series are set here and feature other New Forest ponies which the girls' Aunt Di is schooling.
Irene Makin - Ponies in the Attic/Ponies in Peril
K. M. Peyton - Fly-by-Night (Fly is a New Forest pony)
J Pullein-Thompson - Six Ponies
Kitty Ritson - Molly the New Forest Pony
Jean Rowan - Rufus The New Forest Pony
Allan Seaby - Skewbald, Son of Skewbald
Ann Stafford - A Pony for Sale

Paso Fino:
Lynn Hall - Danza
Ellsworth Newcomb - Three Came Riding

Elizabeth Harrover Johnson - The Old Quarry Fox Hunt
Edward B. Tracy - King of the Stallions
Carol Vaughan - Missing Matilda, Two foals for Matilda
Suzanne Weyn & Kristin Earhart - Snowflake (Breyer Stablemates)

Pony of the Americas:
Dorothy Potter Benedict - Fabulous
Lynn Hall -  Dragon series

Przewalski Horse:
James Aldridge - The Marvellous Mongolian

Quarter Horse:
Dorothy Brenner Francis - The Flint Hills Foal
Patricia Hermes - Horse Diaires 3: Koda
Marsha Hubler - The Trouble with Skye aka A Horse to Love
Jenny Hughes - Legend of the Island Horse
Dorothy Lyons - Blue Smoke
Edna Smith Makerney - Cissy's Texas Pride
Elizabeth Mills - Belle (Breyer Stablemates), Dash (Breyer Stablemates)
Covelle Newcomb - Silver Saddles
Mary Patchett - Quarter Horse Boy
Susan Saunders - Kate's Secret Plan
Elizabeth Van Steewyk - Quarter Horse Winner

Shetland & Miniature Pony:
James Aldridge - The Marvellous Mongolian
Jocelyn Arundel - Shoes for Punch
Gillian Baxter - Pantomime Ponies series
Judith Berrisford - Jackie on Pony Island
Enid Blyton - Snowball the Pony
Paul Brown - Piper's Pony
Joanna Cannan - Hamish
Peter Clover - Sheltie series
Mary Colville - Plain Jane
Jenny Dale - Lottie the Little Pony
Maureen Daly - The Ginger Horse
Lucy Daniels - Shetland in the Shed
Marion Doren - A Pony in the Field
Kathleen Fidler - Haki the Shetland Pony
Frances Frost - Windy Foot series
Jane Gardam - Bridget and William
Anne Bosworth Greene - Greylight series
Jessie Haas - Jigsaw Pony
Berta & Elmer Hader - Spunky
Clarence Hawkes - Dapples of the Circus
Nils Hogner - Tanny
Elizabeth Harrover Johnson - The Pony That Didn't Grow, Christy Finds a Rider
Margaret Lossing Johnson - Kelpie: a Shetland Pony
John Kenney - The Shetland Pony
Gunnel Linde - A Pony in the Luggage
Jeanne Mellin - Pidgy's Surprise
Ruth Nulton Moore - Frisky the Playful Pony
Tina Nolan - Rosie the Problem Pony
Jenny Oldfield - Home Farm Twins: Scott the Braveheart
Sam Savitt - Vicki and the Black Horse
Allen W. Seaby - Sheltie the Shetland Pony
Anna Sellberg - Anna and the Crying Clown
Joyce Stranger - Midnight Magic
Annie Wedekind - Little Prince (Breyer Horse Collection)

Deborah Van Beek - Thunderfoot
Joy Cowley - Shadrach series
Primrose Cumming - Ben, The Great Horses
Pamela Kavanagh - Dreamcatcher (partly)
C. Pullein-Thompson - The Empty Field (partly)
Joyce Stranger - Breed of Giants, The January Queen

Tennesee Walking Horse:
Eleanor Brown - A Horse for Peter, The Colt from Horse Heaven Hills
Deb Felder - Changing Times
Marsha Hubler - Rickie Rides to the Rescue

Samantha Alexander - Winners series
Molly Byrom - Jockey Silks
Joanna Campbell - Thoroughbred series
Borden Deal - Bluegrass
Jean Slaughter Doty - If Wishes Were Horses
Deb Felder - Pretty Lady of Saratoga
Michael Hardcastle - Puzzle Series, The Saturday Horse, The Switch Horse, Kickback
Kathleen Herald (K M Peyton) - Sabre the Horse From the Sea
Susan Millard - Against the Odds
Mildred Mastin Pace - Old Bones
K. M. Peyton - Blind Beauty, Darkling, Late to Smile, Free Rein aka Last Ditch
D. L. Rodriguez - Hurricane
Vian Smith - Come Down the Mountain, The Lord Mayor's Show, The Horses of Petrock
Lorraine Snelling - Golden Filly series
Mallory Stevens - My Favourite Colt aka The Christmas Colt
Joyce Stranger - Zara

James Aldridge - A Sporting Proposition
J M Berrisford - Jackie series (Misty is a Welsh pony), A Pony in the Family
Hilda Boden - Pony Trek, Pony Boy
Paul Brown - Silver Heels, Daffy Taffy
Kristin Earhart - Fancy (Breyer Stablemates)
Ruth Forbes Chandler - Three Trumpets
Cecilia Knowles - Hippo a Welsh Cob
Pamela MacGregor-Morris - Topper
Nancy Martin - Three Horses (partly)
K. M. Peyton - Fly by Night & The Team (Toad is Welsh)
Lucy Rees - Horse of Air
Allen W. Seaby - Mona the Welsh Pony
Alan Smith - Snowy
Linnel Smith - The Auction Pony
Freida B. Tremble - Modoc